Ever wanted to make a difference in mental wellbeing & Resilience?

Train with the Resilience Coaching Academy to become an accredited Resilience Coach.

Our training will enable you to deliver transformative and impactful resilience and wellbeing programmes to people of all ages.

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Who is this for?

Whether you are an existing coach or facilitator, or you are new to this kind of work, our Resilience Coaching courses are for you. All that is required is an open mind and a passion to deliver profound and transformative programmes in service of others.

Make a real difference

With levels of anxiety, stress and burnout rising exponentially in an ever more complex and uncertain world, the need for a pioneering provision that can create transformational, sustainable change has never been greater.
The RCA Resilient Coaching courses will teach you how to expertly deliver our structured, resource-rich wellbeing and resilience programmes to people of all ages. You will be learning the Resilience Framework, a profound and innovative understanding that forms the basis for the programmes you will be delivering. The Framework will help you and your clients access more resilience, more of the time, giving the confidence to navigate life with greater ease and peace of mind. You will be empowered with the confidence and skills to build high-value relationships with your clients by to supporting your clients in making the changes they wish to see in their lives.

Our Courses

Resilience Coaching –
Adult provision
Course reference: RC01

Resilience Coaching –
Youth provision
Course Reference: RC02

Resilience Coaching –
Adult & Youth provision
Course Reference RC03

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Number of languages in which our programmes are being taught

A unique provision

Our programmes offer a unique and highly effective provision that creates long lasting impact.

A global Community

Become part of a global community of over 1100 Resilience Coaches who have RCAs required combination of programme expertise, resilience framework understanding, and professional credibility.


Resilience Coaching Adult provision £3,300 (Inc VAT)

Resilience Coaching Youth provision £2,350 (Inc VAT) RCA offer payment plans. Click here to find out more.

Resilience Coaching
Youth & Adult provision £4,740 (Inc VAT)

Your RCA license giving you access to all course materials and resources and continued learning is £300 per annum. Click here (HYPERLINK) to find out more.


‘Becoming an Resilience Coach can really help uncover mental health and wellbeing in young people, parents and teachers. Get curious.’

Amanda O’Shea

‘I immediately saw the life changing potential
that this curriculum can have for anyone that comes into it.’

Richard Berger

‘The Resilience Coaching Academy mission is so valid – we have so much to share with young people and I know that this can really change lives….’

Michelle Howie
New Zealand

‘Not only is this an amazing programme for young people, but the training has also been of tremendous help to me personally.’

Paul Lynch

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