Help Young People Uncover their Resilience, Train to Become a Youth Resilience Coach

A 3 module course enabling you to deliver youth resilience programmes to young people (individuals and groups) aged 9-18.

This course is open to anyone who is passionate about helping young people uncover more resilience.

The course can accommodate up to 20 delegates.

Course Details

Suitable for

If you are passionate about making a real difference to the next generation, helping them to become thriving members of society and able to navigate challenges with more ease, then this course is for you.

Course Overview

Transformative framework
You will be learning the core Resilience framework, a profound understanding that underpins the programmes you will be delivering. The framework is an instructional manual which will help you and your clients access more wellbeing more of the time and navigate life with more ease.

A structured Programme
You will be learning how to deliver two, 11-session programmes to 9–12-year-olds and 13-18 year olds. The programmes are structured, self-contained, resource rich offerings. Each programme consists of discussions, Q&A, activities, animations, videos games and practical exercises and can be delivered to individuals and groups. Young people will learn about their innate resilience and wellbeing by exploring the Resilience Framework, discovering how the mind creates all our realities, feeling states, moods, and behaviours. This leads the way to exploring the misunderstanding that creates barriers to experiencing more of their wellbeing, more of the time. From here a range of issues facing young people are explored including stress, anxiety, overthinking, social media, anger, bullying, self-image, and labels.

Focus on practice
One of the most effective ways to develop your skills in delivering with impact is through practice. You will be putting your learning into practice and will be supported throughout by highly experienced teachers and peers who will provide you with valuable feedback.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the Resilience Coaching – youth delivery course, you will be able to.

  • Communicate a profound underlying philosophy and framework that is transformative and impactful.
  • Expertly Deliver the 9-12, and 13-18 youth resilience programmes.
  • Demonstrate the art and practice of facilitation and coaching in a manner that supports and nurtures young people.

Course Duration & Delivery

The training encompasses 90 hours of learning delivered over a period of around 3 and a half months. All training is delivered virtually with a blend of live learning, small group tutorials, self-directed learning, and practice sessions.

Course Completion

On completion you will be certified as an RCA Resilient Coach – youth delivery, enabling you to deliver the course to individuals and groups in any environment including private tutoring, youth groups, and schools.

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Resilience Coaching – Youth Delivery £2,340 (inc VAT)

License (includes use of both youth programmes and membership to CPD) £300 per annum (inc VAT)

Resilience Coaches Delivering the Programme